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Tour to Australia 2017

Date: 09/07/2017

  • On 9 July, The Hong Kong Children's Choir headed to Hobart, Tasmania, Australia for "Festival of Voices", a renowned music festival that has been held in the country every winter since 2004, drawing over 30,000 participants annually. During the 2-week festival from 30 June to 16 July, members of Concert Choir took part in 7 concerts and performances in 6 days.

  • Day 1-2 (9-10 July 2017)

    Under the lead of Ms Emily Mok, member of Board of Directors and Ms Kathy Fok, Music Director and Principal Conductor, members flew to Sydney first to transfer to Hobart, Tasmania. Before they claim their luggage, members immediately attended a TV interview arranged by the "Festival of Voices" crew and gave a performance on the Hungarian song Ёgyetëm, Bëgyetëm and Jubilate Deo, winning an enthusiastic applause from the folks at Hobart International Airport, including the shooting crew of the festival.

  • Day 3 (11 July 2017)

    In a sunny morning, the choir visited their first sightseeing spot – The Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens and enjoyed a relaxing time. Right after that, HKCC had their first "Pop-up Concert" at Tasmania Museum and Art Gallery. Under the lead of conductor Mr Dominic Lam and accompanist Mr Thomas Wong, Concert Choir performed various works with instruments and ethnic Chinese dances, including the first-ever performance in Australia of medley "Chinese Ethnic Charms" consisting of Playing Loud on the Gourd Sheng, Chanty on Wusuli River and Wai Saluo. The wonderful singing of members drew flocks of visitors to stop by and listen. The choir was then received by the curator and paid visit to the artistic halls inside the museum, broadening their knowledge in Tasmanian art culture.

  • After their stay at Tasmania Museum and Art Gallery, member went to Hobart Town Hall with history of 150 years for rehearsal of Welcome concert in the evening, in which Concert Choir's professional performance touched the hearts of the audience.

  • Day 4 (12 July 2017)

    Concert Choir was honoured to attend an interview by Radio Hobart and perform 2 songs, Call It Flower, Tis' Not a Flower and In Search of Plum Flowers in the Rockies on Facebook Live, letting more people in Tasmania know HKCC.

  • Members then headed to Museum of Old and New Art for another concert. Led by conductors Mr Dominic Lam, Ms Vivian Suen and accompanist Mr Thomas Wong, the choir gave world premiere of 2 Hong Kong works, Here's to Life by Thomas Wong and Two Poems of Chan Zi-an by Wang Guang-yu. The concert was particularly meaningful to the 3 HKCC alumni for them leading the performance on stage together.

  • The choir then went to Hobart Town Hall for Gala Showcase Concert where members sang Jubilate Deo, Echoes of the Lost World, Even When He is Silent and 2 Hong Kong works, Here's to Life and Two Poems of Chan Zi-an. The performance brought the concert to a climax and received an endless round of cheers and applause.

  • Day 5 (13 July 2017)

    Together with Hangzhou Music Angel Choir, our members attended a workshop organized by "Festival of Voices", hosted by conductor Chris Burcin, who taught the children How Can I Keep From Singing?, Ave Maria Stella and Orestias, 3 songs to be performed on the International Choir Showcase Concert on the other day. Through these 3 songs, Mr Burcin gave advice on singing and articulation to the young singers and members learned a lot in the 4-hour workshop.

  • After the workshop, Concert Choir went to Mount Nelson for sightseeing. Regardless of the chilly weather, members were excited to enjoy the breathtaking view of Tasmania on top of the mountain.

  • The choir then arrived at Hobart Town Hall for the third time to present Chinese Ethnic Charms medley once again with Chinese instruments and dances, bringing oriental music to the West.

  • Day 6 (14 July 2017)

    Concert Choir joined the Chris Burcin workshop to practice the 3 songs with Hangzhou Music Angel Choir again as the final rehearsal for the International Choir Showcase Concert that night in the historical Hobart Town Hall. The night was the 7th performance of HKCC since their arrival. Right after Hangzhou Music Angel Choir, members joined them to present the 3 songs they learned together in workshop under the lead of conductor Chris Burcin. Besides singing with Hangzhou Music Angel Choir, Concert Choir got to perform its own repertoire as well, winning a standing ovation from the floor.

  • Day 7 (15 July 2017)

    Our choristers made their visit to Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary to meet some symbolic animals of Australia – kangaroos, Tasmanian devils and koalas, and were particularly excited having a chance to take photos with koalas and feed kangaroos on a borderless lawn.

  • Their sightseeing was followed by a visit to Salamanca Market, which was a festive market held every Saturday attracting crowds of citizens and tourists. Apart from Tasmanian handcrafts and woodwork, some local food including cheese, hand-made jam and honey were also sold on the market. With all these unique products, the market allowed members to taste Tasmanian culture while buying characteristic souvenirs.

  • Members went to Hobart City Hall for Mendelssohn: Eliijah Concert before attending the Youth After Party with Music Angel Choir, at which the children had fun singing and dancing together, and celebrated their successful performances so far with a cake with a photo of the 2 choirs.

  • Day 8 (16 July 2017)

    "Festival of Voices" finally came to an end after all the spectacular performances. Concert Choir went to Federation Concert Hall to rehearse and perform at Finale Concert. Led by Ms Kathy Fok, Music Director and Principal Conductor, and conductor Ms Vivian Suen, members brought Here's to Life and Echoes of the Lost World, touching the audience and winning continuous applauses.

  • Some audience even stood up and clapped and cheered for the member, who cried backstage for their last performance of "Festival of Voices" in Hobart, Tasmania. After the concert, members enjoyed the stunning scenery of Tasmania at Rosy Hill Lookout, where they were thrilled to take photos at the wonderful sight despite the cold weather.

  • Day 9 (17 July 2017)

    HKCC flew to Sydney on the 9th day of its journey. Soon after arrival, members had dinner at Darling Harbour with the brilliant night view of the city. The choir took a good rest to prepare for the charity concert on the following day.

  • Day 10 (18 July 2017)

    Concert Choir walked around the town in the sunny morning, viewing and taking photos of the landmarks – Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge with excitement. After that, they enjoyed a seafood feast for lunch at the Sydney fish market before going to City Recital Hall to perform at the charity concert.

  • Sponsored by The Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, Sydney, the HKCC Charity Concert of the night was held to raise fund for CanRevive, a local Chinese charity which supports cancer patients and their families. Mr Eric Yeung, the President of CanRevive, Mr Ronald Yam, the President of Board of Directors of HKCC and Mr Arthur Au, the Director of HKETO, Sydney delivered speeches before the show began.

  • Under the lead of conductor Ms Kathy Fok, Mr Dominic Lam and Vivian Suen, and accompanist Mr Thomas Wong, members started the concert with Jubilate Deo. First half of the concert focused on 10 Western works, including Oremus, Salve Regina, Even When He is Silent, Wind, Ёgyetëm, Bëgyetëm, Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening, Lullaby, Me and My Shadow, and ended with Echoes of the Lost World.

  • In the second half of the concert, 7 Chinese and Hong Kong works were brought to stage with various instruments and dances. Concert Choir sang Two Poems of Chan Zi-an, Here's to Life, Search of Plum Flowers in the Rockies, Call It Flower, Tis' Not a Flower, The Moonlight, as well as the Chinese Ethnic Charm medley, consisting of Playing Loud on the Gourd Sheng, Chanty on Wusuli River and Wai Saluo. The choir also celebrated the 20th anniversary of HKSAR with HKSAR 20th anniversary Medley, drawing a perfect end to the concert. Among the audience we could see faces of HKCC alumni. The concert connected our former and present members together with their passion in singing.

  • Day 11 (19 July 2017)

    After a 2-hour bus ride, members made their visit to The Greater Blue Mountains, which was a million-hectare area being announced as a World Heritage Area in 2001. Among the natural sights scattering in the area such as sandstone cliffs, forests and waterfalls, The Three Sisters is the Blue Mountains' most renowned landmark. Visitors can tour around the natural heritage by 3 means: the exciting Railway that dives from the peak with a greatest inclination of 52 degrees; the large Cableway and Skyway with glass floor allowing visitors to have an impressive sight of the mountains at their feet. Members enjoyed the spectacular nature scenery and cable car experience very much.

  • Day 12 (20 July 2017)

    HKCC went to the symbolic Sydney Opera House and got to explore more of the landmark with a tour to the opera house and concert hall led by a docent. Members even had the stunning experience of singing in the concert hall.

  • The committee member of CanRevive received us cordially by guiding us around to feel the vitality of Sydney. On Captain Cook Cruise, member tasted buffet delicacies while enjoying the views of the habour, including the magnificent Opera House and Harbour Bridge. The Choir was treated with afternoon tea after visiting Parliament House, where it performed 2 songs. HKCC is deeply thankful for CanRevive's hospitality and respectful for their striving in serving the local Chinese in the community.

  • Day 13 (21 July 2017)

    Tour to Australia 2017 finally came to an end as members took their flight back to Hong Kong in the afternoon. This tour was extra remarkable for Ms Emily Mok and Mr Dominic Lam since they both visited Hobart twelve years ago for a music festival, as HKCC's tour leader and member respectively back in 2002!

HKCC would like to take this opportunity to thank the generous support from organizer of "Festival of Voices", CanRevive and HKETO, the care from the Chairman of BOD Mr Ronald Yam, Board Member Ms Emily Mok, Music Director and Principal Conductor Ms Kathy Fok, Conductors Mr Dominic Lam and Vivian Suen, Accompanist Thomas Wong and all the touring staff, as well as the support to all the member and parents of Concert Choir, leading the concert tour this year to a great success.