Enrolment FAQ


[AGE] I notice some programmes are open for children ages 5 or above to apply. Is my child eligible to apply if he/she is 4 years and 10 months old during the application period in August?

Yes. The children have to meet the age requirement of the programmes (including Choral, Dance, Instrumental, Putonghua and IEC) by the time when the programmes begin. For instance, if your child is 4 years and 10 months old during the application period in August, he/she will be 5 years and 3 months old when the programme starts in January next year, which he/she already fulfils the age requirement for the Choral programme.

➤ Overview of the Age Requirement of All Programmes

[IEC PROGRAMME] My child who is 3 years and 6 months old now and is not eligible to join the Choral and Dance Programmes. Is there any other class available for children to lay a good foundation to learn music and dance?

You may consider the IEC (Intelligence-Emotion-Creativity) Programme, which is an art programme designed for children ages 2 years and 6 months old to 6 years old. The programme includes singing, body moving, instrument playing and artistic creation. The Nursery class in the programme also provides an opportunity for parents to assist and accompany their children to develop interests in arts via various types of interactive activities. The IEC Programme is open for application in May and November. No audition is required and a computer draw will be conducted to determine the successful applicants.

➤ Introduction of IEC Programme

[DANCE PROGRAMME] Can my child apply for the Dance Programme if he/she never learns dancing before?

Yes. The Dance Programme welcomes children from all background who meet the age requirement.

➤ Introduction of Dance Programme

[DANCE CERTIFICATION] My child has learnt dancing before and obtained some qualifications in public examinations. Do I need to hand in the copy of the certificates when applying for the Dance Programme?

Yes. If the applicant obtains the certification of the following public examinations, please hand in the copy of the certificates together with your application as a reference to our tutors.

Chinese Dance: Beijing Dance Academy Chinese Dance Graded Exams
Ballet: The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Exams
Tap Dance: ATOD/CSTD Tap Dance Exams
Jazz Dance: ATOD/CSTD Jazz Dance Exams
Hip Hop: Hip Hop-related Certification

[APPLICATION DOCUMENT] Do I need to hand in the portfolio of my child in the application?

No. We will only consider the performance of the applicant in the audition.


[AUDITION FORMAT] Will it be an individual audition or a group audition?

The audition for all programmes is conducted in a group format. Time and grouping of the audition are allocated randomly.

[AUDITION RESULT] My child had applied in the previous year but failed. Will it affect the audition result this year?

No. We will only consider his/her performance in the audition this year and the past results will not be counted.