• BU Bai-li

    Bu was admitted to the Dance School of the Central University for Nationalities in 1978 with a major in dancing. She started her performing career after graduation. She came to Hong Kong in 1985 and began teaching ethnic dance, dance creation and performing since then. Bu has won choreography prizes in many dance competitions, including the Inter-School Dancing Competition in 1998. In the same year, she also attained the Beijing Dance Academy Teacher's Certificate for Grade 1-12.

  • KONG Wing-yee

    Kong graduated from HKAPA with a Bachelor (Hons) Degree in Chinese Dance. During her study, she was invited by Elro Dance Festival in Slovensko and the Centre National de la Danse in Paris to participate in the exchange programmes. After graduation, she joined a number of large-scale performances of Hong Kong Dance Company, including Liu Sanjie, Ode to the Silk Road, Red Poppies, L’Amour Immortel. Kong is also interested in choreography, she has choreographed a feature-length work Solara & Luna in City Contemporary Dance Company REAL Showcase Series 2021. She is now a freelance dancer, choreographer and dance teacher.

  • Queenie HO

    Ho obtained the certificate in Advanced Levels and the Certificate in Ballet Teaching from the Royal Academy of Dance and is now a registered ballet teacher at the Royal Academy of Dance. She is now a full-time dance teacher and is involved in dance performance and examinations in different schools and organizations.

  • Teresa NG

    Ng began learning Chinese Dance at a young age and has developed a strong interest in it since then. She attained Grade 12 in the Beijing Dance Academy Chinese Dance Graded Examinations. By now, she holds the Beijing Dance Academy Teacher's Certificate for Grade 1-12. She took part in different kinds of performance held by various organizations, and played the leading roles in dance performances and dance dramas, in which she included the dance choreographed by herself. Ng has also been to Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen to participate in exchange programmes with local and overseas dance organizations.

  • LI Shun-ching

    Li started learning dancing at the age of 2. She joined the Little Red Flower Artistic Group in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province at 9 and the Wuxi City Labour Union Artistic Group at 17. She has participated in various dancing competitions at the district, city and province levels and has won numerous awards. She attained the highest honour and the first-class award in the 15th and 16th National Urban Dancing Competitions. Li is now a member of the Jiangsu Province Dancers Association and the Hong Kong Dance Federation. She has also acquired the Beijing Dance Academy Teacher's Certificate. She began teaching at HKCC in 1992. 

  • Kate LI

    Li was graduated from the School of Dance of HKAPA majoring in Musical Theatre. Since then she has been a professional choreographer, performer and instructor for an array of arts organisations and international corporations. Li started to explore belly dance in 2011 and developed her techniques with a diverse range of leaders in the industry, including Randa Kamel, Tito Seif, Khaled Mahmoud and many more. She also holds the internationally recognised GCBD oriental dance instructor qualification.

  • Sara SIN

    Sin started to teach at HKCC in 2007. She began her journey of Chinese Dance at a young age. The recent works Sin had participated in including Dance Drama Under the Lion Rock, Hong Kong Dance Expo, Hong Kong Dance Festival. She also received prizes from "Bauhinia Cup" and "Hong Kong Open Dance Contest". Sin acquired the Beijing Dance Academy Teacher's Certificate and Ancient Chinese Court Dances from Tang and Han dynasties for Children Graded Examinations. She is now studying for Barre Fitness Instructor and Physiotherapy Assistant Certification to further facilitate her teaching.

  • Karen SIU

    Siu graduated from the School of Dance of HKAPA with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree (majoring in Chinese Dance). She attained the Beijing Dance Academy Teacher's Certificate and the Teaching Diploma from the Royal Dance Academy. During her study, Siu won various scholarships and went to Beijing and Mongolia for dance performances and exchange. She participated in the performance of Qingming Riverside presented by the Hong Kong Dance Company and joined their tour to various cities in mainland China. She participated in the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games.

(Names are listed in Chinese surname stroke count order)