Dance Programme

Established in 1980, the dance program allows children to explore dances of different styles, including Chinese Dance, Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Hip Hop.

Dance Gala is held regularly for members to show their talent. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of The Hong Kong Children's Choir, a spectacular dance drama Goddess Horoscope Zodiac was staged in 2009. Hundreds of members gave their best performance for the enthusiastic audiences. Our members also performed in local events, such as the Celebration of the 10th Anniversary of Hong Kong's Reunification with China in 2007, "Embrace Multi-culture Arts Festival" in 2010, "Hong Kong Flower Show" 2011 and 2013, the Celebration of the 15th Anniversary of Hong Kong's Reunification with China in 2012, "Rebecca Pan 'Pai Niang Niang' in Concert 2014", "Inheritance of Chinese Dance", as the performing guest in the "13th Dance on Islands" in 2016 as well as the "Tai Kok Tsui Temple Fair" in 2017 to 2019. In 2018, a magnificent dance drama, the Dancing Gallery, was produced to celebrate the golden jubilee of HKCC, showcasing dance performances inspired by famous paintings from different eras, broadening the creativity of arts.

In 2000, members of the dance program participated in the "Shanghai International Children's Cultural and Arts Festival" and dance workshops with young dancers from various countries and regions. The fruitful learning experience led to more exchange programs in the following years. Members visited the Guangzhou Dongshan Children's Palace and took part in the "Shenzhen Chinese Foreign Children's Art Performance" and workshops with groups from Beijing and Singapore.

Next application: 19 February -  28 March 2024

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