HK Children's Choir Arts Development Fund

HK Children's Choir Arts Development Fund

To further expand The Hong Kong Children's Choir (HKCC) development in arts education and hence the contribution to the society, the HK Children's Choir Arts Development Fund is officially launched on 30 August 2018. The Fund consists of 2 main schemes to fully support students who are interested in arts from different stages and ages.


Arts Experience Scheme - Explore

The target recipients of this scheme are students from grassroots families, who are talented at music and recommended by their school's principal. Qualified students can receive 1-year choral or dance training for free at HKCC. The fees of the course, songbooks and uniform will be waived, meanwhile, HKCC will also provide transport subsidy for them. We hope children from different backgrounds can all have the opportunity to know and learn about arts, and explore their artistic talents via singing and dancing.


HKCC Music Scholarship – Support

Students who are majoring in music or voice and studying at one of the five institutions with Music Department in Hong Kong, with outstanding academic results and school's recommendation, they will be qualified as the recipient of the scholarship. We hope the financial support can encourage talented students to be able to spend more time and efforts on learning and strive for a brighter future in their fields. We wish the graduated scholars will continue to contribute to our society via their arts achievements, and promote the development of arts and culture in Hong Kong.