Charity Works Overview

Charity Works Overview

The Hong Kong Children's Choir actively organizes and participates in charity performances and events, to promote the spirit of helping and caring for one another, to support the disadvantaged and the needy, and to give back to society.


HKCC held many charity concerts for children and adults with special needs, such as the 1999 "Chorathon" to raise fund for children with hearing disabilities, the 2001 "Bridges of Friendship, Bridges of Songs" concert for the Hong Kong Association of the Deaf, the 2012 "Bridge of Love Fundraising Concert" for Suen Mei Speech & Hearing Centre which serves children with hearing impairment, the 2017 fundraising concert at Sydney City Recital Hall for the cancer support service organization in Australia – CanRevive, to show love and care as well as providing actual aids to the needy.


HKCC also strive to help people who are affected by sudden-onset disasters, for instance, in 2003 the "All for Love" fundraising concert for We Care Education Fund established for children who lost their parents in SARS, in 2008 the fundraising music marathon for UNICEF to help children after the Sichuan earthquake, in 2010 the "Qinghai Earthquake Relief Fundraising Concert" for World Vision Hong Kong to help earthquake victims in Qinghai. At the same time, HKCC also supports works helping the grassroots and underprivileged groups, for example, the "Carol Singing Festival 2011 Sing for Our Next Generation Charity Concert" for the Child Development Matching Fund.


HK Children's Choir Arts Development Fund was founded in 2018 to support the development of the art field. HKCC will keep walking with all the participants of the Hong Kong arts and culture sector together and create an encouraging and supportive environment for talented children.