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Steve Ho Compilation 2

  • Introduction

    Began from Street Maze of Hong Kong, the first song Dr Steve Ho composed for HKCC, since then numbers of interesting choral pieces inspired by the everyday life experience in Hong Kong, such as MTR Song, Ling-Dong-Ling-Dong-Ling, About to Rain, Dim Sum Song, Shopping Paradise, etc., were written and built a unique style of Dr Steve Ho's compositions. Most of the works Dr Ho composed for HKCC are with rich elements of Hong Kong's cultures. The songbook includes some of the selected pieces as well as the stories behind them.

    Song List (Information available in Chinese only)

    1. 令當令當令

    2. 乘風去

    3. 韻樂共流

    4. 就快落雨

    5. 在雨中

    6. 鸚鵡的歌聲

    7. 茉莉花

    8. 童謠交響曲

    9. 飲早茶

    10. Love is Patient, Love is Kind

    11. 麥兜狂想曲

    Item: SB020-11