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Alex Tam Choral Collections for Treble Voices

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    1. 七天精華遊 Seven Days Tour

    2. 冬至燒雞 Chicken Roasting on Winter Solstice

    3. 童心夢飛行 Let Your Dreams Take Flight

    4. 擴張肺容量 Increase Your Lung Capacity

    5. 信任彩虹(齊唱版本) Trusting the Rainbow (Unison Version)

    6. 信任彩虹(三部SSA版本) Trusting the Rainbow (SSA Version)

    7. π 3.14(第一部份) The Pi Song (Part I)

    8. π 3.14(第二部份) The Pi Song (Part II)

    9. The Correct Pronunciation of BACH

    10. 長頸鹿 Giraffe

    11. 大笨象 The Elephant Dance

    12. 老友 Good Old Friend

    13. 有種愛(三部SSA版本) Some Kind of Love (SSA Version)


    Sheet Music: $16; Member Price: $15 

    (Some Kind of Love SATB version is available as sheet music) 


    Collection*: $120 ; Member Price: $108

    (*Available for purchase exclusively at HKCC)

    Item: SB041-01