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Tour to Zhaoqing 2017

Date: 24/07/2017

  • Senior A and B of The Hong Kong Children's Choir (HKCC) travelled to Zhaoqing, China to participate in the "6th China Children's Choral Festival" as one of the demonstration choirs and continued the summer journey of HKCC right after Concert Choir had finished their 14-day tour to Australia. The trip was initially started on 23 July, nonetheless it was postponed to 24 July as affected by the typhoon. Members gathered at West Kowloon Centre on 24 July and took a 5-hour bus journey to Zhaoqing with HKCC Music Director and Principal Conductor Ms Kathy Fok, Conductor Mr Alex Tam and Accompanist Ms Patience Fung.

  • Day 1 (24 July 2017)

    The touring group arrived at Zhaoqing in the evening and headed to the main performance venue of the festival – Zhaoqing Arts Centre of the Zhaoqing College after dinner to watch the Demonstration Concert on the first night. The concert was presented by 2 of the 5 demonstration choirs, including the China Broadcast Children's Choir of National Radio and Shenzhen Senior High School Lily Children's Choir. The choristers from both choirs joined hands and staged a 2-hour show with songs from both the west and the east. They sang along with dance movements as well as accompanied by different kinds of musical instruments. Their stunning performance won a round of applause and also gave an invaluable experience to HKCC members. The touring group also took this special occasion to celebrate Conductor Mr Alex Tam's birthday!

  • Day 2 (25 July 2017)

    The organizer arranged a tour for HKCC to Seven Star Crags, which is a renowned attraction in Zhaoqing. The high temperature did not bother member to enjoy the spectacular scenery. They even had a chance to explore inside the cave and spent a delightful morning at the crags.

  • The rehearsal for the Demonstration Concert that night started in the afternoon. HKCC, Shanghai Huangpu Youngester Art Activity Centre Spring Choir and Shenzhen Middle School Golden Bells Choir hosted the second Demonstration Concert, which was also held at Zhaoqing Arts Centre. Senior A and B performed numbers of selected works by Hong Kong composers, such as Magical Beanland by Mr Yin Ng, Drawing Doraemon and The Correct Pronunciation of Bach by Conductor Mr Alex Tam. Mr Yin Ng was in the house and expressed his appreciation to HKCC Music Director after the concert.

  • Day 3 (26 July 2017)

    "6th China Children's Choral Festival" came to an end on 26 July. The rehearsal of the Closing Ceremony was carried out in the morning. HKCC presented The Pi Song composed by Conductor Mr Alex Tam during the demonstration section and joined all other Demonstration and Winning Choirs at the end of the ceremony to chorused the festival theme song Before we grow up.

Although the itinerary of the trip was slightly affected by the adverse weather condition, the Tour to Zhaoqing 2017 was still a success, thanks to the full support from the board of HKCC, the leading of HKCC Music Director and Principal Conductor Ms Kathy Fok, Conductor Mr Alex Tam, Accompanist Ms Patience Fung during the tour, and also the efforts of all the members and staffs. In the future, HKCC will continue to spread the message of love and peace on stages all over the world via music.