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Chamber Youth Concert – The Bloom of Youth

Date: 17/07/2021

  • Chamber Youth Concert – The Bloom of Youth was held at The Hong Kong Children's Choir Recital Hall on 17 July at 8 pm. HKCC Chamber Youth was established in 2006 and this year is its 15th anniversary. The current tutor and conductor of Chamber Youth, Vivian Ip, is also the member and leader of it when it was first established. This concert is the first performance of Chamber Youth since classes were resumed. Led by conductor Vivian Ip and accompanist Alexander Wong, ten pieces of selected works in varied styles from west and east were performed in the one-hour long concert.


    The show was started with three foreign songs, the Latin a capella sacred song Gaudete Omnes and the fourth and fifth song of the German medley Zigeunerlieder; other excellent selected pieces were also performed in the concert, including Medley Ears in Heaven by local composer Yin Ng; the famous pop-song In My Life by The Beatles. Medley Corona Rhapsody composed by member Joanne Chan was world premiered in the concert as well. The medley is inspired by the pandemic and consists of three parts: Plague! Plague! Plague!, Viral Waltz and This too, shall pass, expresses the wish for an end of the pandemic. The concert was ended with the encore song Tonari no Totoro and a round of applause from the audience.