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Musical "Magical Beanland"

  • Synopsis

    Immersed in prosperity, people of the Magical Beanland break their promise to GOB (the god of Beanland) to help their neighboring state. Infuriated, GOB punishes them by taking away their happiness. Five children decide to seek forgiveness from GOB. To find out where GOB lives, they consult the old Wizard. It turns out that they have to traverse two perilous territories before getting there. With courage and wit, they manage to see GOB finally, who assigns them two tasks in order to bring happiness back to their homeland. Will the five of them be able to meet the arduous challenges ahead? Will people of the Magical Beanland live happily ever after?

    Track List (Information available in Chinese only)

    Scene 1  神怒

    Scene 2  孤獨

    Scene 3  智慧老人「聰明豆」

    Scene 4  迷幻森林

    Scene 5  猛獸谷

    Scene 6  會天神

    Scene 7  天音洞

    Scene 8  神曲山

    Scene 9  憂傷的國民


    Item: AV320