Head of Artistic Coordination

  • Vivian SUEN
    Head of Artistic Coordination

    Suen is an active choral conductor, soprano and music educator in Hong Kong. Obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Music from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Suen then received scholarships to further her study at Westminster Choir College and obtained her Master of Music in Choral Conducting with distinction. Alumnus of HKCC, Suen is now Head of Artistic Coordination of The Hong Kong Children's Choir and is the conductor of its Senior and Intermediate sections, coordinates and leads HKCC in multiple local and overseas performances. Suen toured with HKCC to Mainland China, Australia, Estonia and Finland, and often collaborates with local orchestras and festivals, including Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, Hong Kong Arts Festival and ReNew Vision. Suen also served as chorus master of the films Find Your Voice and Zero to Hero and enthusiastically participated in different charity performances. The organizations that she has worked with include The Community Chest, Sowers Action, Pok Oi Hospital, Yan Oi Tong, etc.


    During her stay in the United States, Suen served as assistant conductor of Grammy Award-nominated conductor James Jordan and had worked with world-renowned orchestras, including New York Philharmonic Orchestra, Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra, Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra, London Philharmonic Orchestra. Upon returning to Hong Kong, Suen also served as guest conductor of Die Jungen Konzertisten and Cecilia Singers.


    Suen is passionate about choral education and obtained a post-graduate diploma in music education from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. She is dedicated to children and youth choral work, co-founded local youth mixed choir, and is often invited to be speaker and adjudicator of choral and conducting events. Suen also promotes the development of choral arts, and is the artistic coordinator of the "50th Anniversary Children's Choral Composition Selections" and "Hong Kong Choral Conducting Competition", producer of HKCC's IEC Curriculum Songbook Singing Picture's Fun, and hosted workshop in 2019 Asia Pacific Choral Summit. Suen is currently a member of the Asia Pacific Choral Council.